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Architectural Blowout in the Central Village

Though a fire isn't Curbed news per se, one that causes this kind of architectural destruction certainly is. From the corner of Fifth Avenue and 13th Street, two reader reports:

1) "61 Fifth Ave. was destroyed by a big fire Tuesday night. It's sort of mysterious because it was a market until about 3 weeks ago and since then has been closed with a marshall's notice on the door. I can remember years ago when there was a giant iguana on the roof."
2) "There was a huge fire in the bldg that's on the SE corner of 5th Ave + 13th St. I saw workers there digging through the ruins - the windows were blown out and that smoky charred smell was still in the air. According to the baristas there've been rumblings about arson. (The bulidng until recently housed an improbably huge and mediocre deli, which always confused me. You'd have to sell a whole lot of saran-wrapped raspberry newtons to cover the rent on that space.)"
· 61 Fifth Ave. Fire [Flickr/bosstweed, photo above from Curbed Photo Pool]