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Trends in Real Estate Advertising: Labels or No?

So the party line on these new Halstead ads (above at right) is that they're not direct responses to Corcoran's earlier campaign (left): "We were about to present the campaign to the board when the Corcoran ads broke," Keith Whitmer, Halstead's ad guy, told the Daily News earlier this month. But when we put some of them side by side, we couldn't help noticing a kind of dialogue going on. Corcoran ("rare victorian gem") is all like: You are where you live, or in their words, "Live who you are." But Halstead ("I am not a prewar six") is like: Uh-uh, we know you're not having any of that; you don't want no easy labels messing with your finely crafted image. And then the crowd started calling for a "walk-off," and things got messy.
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