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Boymelgreen's G-Slope Secrets Flutter Away in the Wind

The email of the week begins thusly: "The City View Gardens is a Boymelgreen development that is going up right next door to me on 4th ave. ad 2nd st in the G-Slope. My land lord told me it was going to be a 3 story building, but its now at 12."

But dude, how do you know it's going to be 12 if the last you heard was 3? What proof do you have?

"They were doing contruction yesterday early in the morning and this flew into my back yard?shit you not."

Yep, the friggin 12th Floor blueprint landed in his yard. Amazing. The Boymelgreen website shows City View Gardens as a group of five-story buildings, but this old Times article encased in amber on Wired New York makes mention of a 12-story rental tower. Still, hilarious. Another photo of the found treasure after the jump.

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