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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Soho Hut House

[Behold, answers to Thursday's reader questions, as submitted by other, smarter readers. If you've got a question, or more answers, email us at drop a note in the comments below.]

1) Soho: So, will our original querier's boyfriend's dreams be realized? Will the space at right be a Pizza Hut? Here's what we got: "Soho hut house is a new resto. this past weekend, workers unloaded a truck full of cooking equipment, chairs, etc. looks like there's going to be a nice courtyard off street a la Dos Caminos on Houston." Sounds like a Pizza Hut to us! (Note also the debate in the comments over whether hoping for a Pizza Hut is grounds for a dismissal.)
2) Upper East Side: Only vague notions about the space on 66th & 1st: "it looks like it is part of the massive hospital/condo expansion of that area..."
3) George Washington Bridge: Regarding the eye-sore reinforced cables on the GWB, a commenter says they are a Homeland Security measure to "provide blast protection. It protects the cables if someone were to try to bring the bridge down by placing explosives where the cables intersect the walkway."
4) Upper West Side: As to the empty Hollywood Video space on the 86th and Columbus, word is Commerce Bank. Let us hope it is a drive-thru.
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