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Curbed Readers Write: Fire, Fire, Demolition!

Busy week here. Three random tidbits we didn't want to let get away...

1) Regarding the architectural burnout at 61 Fifth Ave., our SF brethren send along this cool old picture of the Lone Star iguana sculpture by Bob Wade. Adds another email correspondent, "Someone commented that 61 Fifth Ave. used to be a Schrafft's Restaurant. Fascinating! So I dug around a bit and found this about-to-be published book, and you can see 61 Fifth Ave. right on the cover. Fascinating again!"
2) An alarming email timestamped 8:08pm last night: "Hustler Club on fire!"
3) "Vesuvio Park! On Thompson St. in Soho next to Blue Ribbon Sushi! A little playground for kids! DEMOLISHED TODAY!!!! [email received yesterday—ed.] I and other locals stood in disbelief as the backhoe tore it up. Do you know what happened? Did they city sell out to a developer? Or are they building a new and better park? Please tell me all-knowing Curbed!!"