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Letter from DUMBO: Trains and Trees

Three months after his first go-round, writer/blogger Peter Hyman is back with the second volume of his DUMBO Report. Of the tasty morsels surrounding neighborhood goings-on, Hyman had this to say about the J Condo and 70 Washington:

1) J Condo, top left: "It's not being build at the speed of light, but they seem to be keeping a good pace. One logistical note: The western edge of the building will be literally just a few feet from the Manhattan Bridge (and it's contiguous with the MTA building that's underneath the bridge), so, that should be....interesting."
2) 70 Washington, top right: "As they promised they would, Two Trees did indeed plant a row of robust trees which now line Washington Street in perfect symmetry. The trees have taken root and the blossoms are blooming, adding a nice arboreal touch to this otherwise urban landscape."
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