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Park Slope Ladder #5: $3 million and Up

[This week, we took our three-packs to Park Slope, where we climbed the price ladder from six figures to the high-sevens. Today, we conclude with apartments priced above $3 million.]

1) What/Where: Townhouse, 1st St. (8th & CPW)
Asking: $3.295 million
The Skinny: Not much doing north of $3 mil in the Slope, but we did find a couple of players. This limestoner ain't exactly knocking us over on the inside, but man, that's one fine staircase. Suggested use: "Sit by the fireplace in the library with its floor to ceiling french windows, enjoy the beautiful wood detailing in the family room and bask in sunlight from the oversized skylight."
· Listing: Finest Limestone Townhouse [Townsley & Gay via NYT]

2) What/Where: Townhouse, 1 St. (8th & PPW)
Asking: $3.75 mil
The Skinny: Holy shit, limestone everywhere today?but mostly on 1st St. between 8th and Prospect Park West. This one's a little more, but there's the provenance to consider: "built in 1915 by architect Fred W. Eisenla exclusively for Louis Bonert." Not a clue. Actually, for all we know, this listing and the Townsley & Gay listing could be adjacent. Little recon, please.
· Listing: 1st Street [Corcoran]

3) What/Where: Townhouse, Montgomery (8th & PPW)
Asking: $7.5 million
The Skinny: Okay, enough fooling around. Just a couple blocks north, we find this gigantic spiral staircase and the surrounding environs. "More than a 'must see,' this is a must-feel and must-experience, a bright and airy mansion unlike any other." Smell great, too. 7000sqft.
· Listing: 45 Montgomery Place [Brown Harris]

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