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Ask Curbed: When Stop Work Won't Stop

Today's Asked Curbed question is already giving us a headache:

A full week ago, my building management posted signs that the construction next door was illegal ("The Department of Buildings has issued a STOP WORK ORDER at 120 Saint Marks Place. The excavation work being was illegal, and caused the rear wall of the building to weaken... The structural integrity of the adjoining buildings may be compromised if the wall collapses. There will be a hearing on June 8 - until then there is to be NO WORK done at this site. If you notice any workers at 120 Saint Marks Place please call 311 immediately and advise them that there is a 'STOP WORK ORDER" at the site.'")

Every morning since we first got the notice, I've woken up to workers continuing their work. At first, I thought they might not be "doing" anything--certainly not anything illegal. Then, I saw the Two by Four's coming in. I've called 311 every morning for the last week. They take my complaint everyday, and the next day they tell me that all previous complaints have been resolved--once telling me that the DOB figured out they were only cleaning next door. But the hammering continues. What am I to do?

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