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Brooklyn Update: Still Trendy, Cool, Cover-Worthy

"As annoying as this announcement will be to those who live there, Brooklyn has become an adjective, a shorthand for a certain style of living." Thus begins New York's latest cover story on the BKLYN, this time focused on the emergence of a certain "Brooklyn Style." Among the goodies, we find a solid package of home design stories including the tale of a Boerum Hill townhouse built atop an auto repair shop (top left) and a Williamsburg residence with floor-through kitchen (above right) built out of an existing garage. See also a guide to the restaurants defining Brooklyn's nabes and a useful map of all the stores, restaurants, and notable spots described herein.

Oh, and to return to that lead sentence, and play one of our favorite Curbed comment games: what's your one adjective for Brooklyn right now?
· Brooklynism: Brooklyn Style Guide [New York]