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That's Rather Hideous: Third Ave. and 12th Street

Often times we like to highlight graffiti and street art memes that we enjoy. And often times, people bust our balls for it. So, just to prove that we don't enjoy everything we see, here's the first entry in a potential ongoing new series entitled That's Rather Hideous, chronicling bad street art in all its ugly forms. First up, this pizza shop mural on Third Avenue and 12th Street in the East Village, a neighborhood once noted for its arts community. Now, as you can see, things have changed. Businesses are foolishly entrusting novice alien life forms?ones that clearly don't even know how to hold a paintbrush?to convey their messages of strong customer service and quality product. And boy, are Sylvester and Bugs pissed about it. Wouldn't you be? Sad.

If you've got some bad street art that you'd like to submit for That's Rather Hideous consideration, by all means, snap a picture and send it along to, so that we may all share in your pain and pretentiously mock in unison.