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Demo Crews Are Out in North Tribeca

Over on the north Tribeca waterfront, interior demolition work and asbestos removal has commenced on the site seen above where the developer Jack Parker Corp. is planning a 300-unit apartment building among other things, pending approvals. OK, so most agree it wouldn't be the biggest loss in the world, but we still had deja-vu when we read this Ratner-esque quote from a Parker VP on why workers were getting to it despite not having all their ducks in a row: "The buildings have deteriorated to the point that they are not safe standing. Rather than repair something that will ultimately be demolished, we decided to bring them down."

CB1 member Andrew Neale, who's been fighting the new development, told the Downtown Express he isn't so much peeved at the "eyesore" coming down as he is at the nearby landmarked Fleming Smith Warehouse (above right) getting damaged in the process, a suggestion the demolition experts sniffed at. Opponents are still holding out for a City Council rejection on Parker's rezoning request for this and three other manufacturing blocks along West Street, like they got from CB1, whose role is only advisory.
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