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It Happened One Weekend: Now More Timesy

Now that the Post has moved its Home section to Thursdays, we're turning this thing over to the Gray Lady and her consorts. We'll try and spice things up.

1) Rich people are making moves. The Vitamin Water guy bought in this building and is selling this, the billionaire space tourist dude sold his Trump International apartment to a daughter of Edgar Bronfman, and the lady who wrote Mrs. Doubtfire bought at 45 Christopher Street. [Big Deal/William Neuman]
2) The sales office is open for the seven units in the Firehouse Condo (right), a converted you-know-what in Prospect Heights that had Brownstoner feeling kinda-sorta guilty. Prices range from $495,000 to $989,000. Wait, or is it Firehouse 735? See what happens when our world is thrown into chaos? [Postings/C.J. Hughes]
3) So why does nobody get a washer-dryer in New York when it's so common everywhere else? "The biggest issue is sudsing," duh. But all these new superdeluxe developments may reverse the, uh, Tide. ["The Ultimate Luxury"/Teri Karush Rogers]
4) Staten Island newlyweds don't demand much during their Manhattan apartment search?"a bedroom big enough to fit their furniture, no more than two flights of stairs to climb, and no restaurant in the building"?but they strike out on a number of occasions. Will they bump up their $1,650/month budget? [The Hunt/Joyce Cohen]
5) There's no need to read this, but it rules, anyway: "For some suburban homeowners, the battle to keep deer at bay involves a seemingly endless switching of strategies. When rotten eggs or clumps of human hair lose effectiveness, usually after a couple of weeks, sprinklers triggered by motion detectors or strips of aluminum foil hung from poles might do the job. For another couple of weeks, that is." [Your Home/Jay Romano]
6) Holy awesome! Protest at Boymelgreen's 85 Adams! DUMBO gone wild! [Metro]