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Rumblings & Bumblings: Jane Jacobs R.I.P. Edition

In honor of Jane Jacobs, let's take to the glorious neighborhood byways of New York City, starting in Soho. As always, responses to these reader-submitted queries follow on Thursday; if you've got intel, or your own questions, send along to or do it up in the comments. Thanks.

1) Soho: "There were some surveyors taking a look at the parking lot on Crosby Street this morning (btw Prince and Spring, right). I heard they were turning it into a new luxury hotel. Have you all heard anything?"
2) Upper East Side TWOFER: a) "Can you please ask your readers what is happening to the old Griestides site on Second Avenue and 62nd Street. It has been closed for three months and last Thursday plywood went up." b) "New scaffolding is going up at 74th and 2nd and the stores are suddenly empty. Whats going on there?"
3) Chelsea TWOFER: a) "What's going on at 28th/8th Avenue (NE corner)? The building was demolished and now it looks like they are excavating for a new building." b) "First off, I love your site. Second, I'm in the process of buying a $2 million dollar loft on 18th and 6th ave when I learned today that there is a new condo development going up on the southwest corner of 6th ave/18th and I will lose 3 huge windows and all my sunlight! Have you heard anything about this new bldg? I'm told it's with Heller Corp?"
4) Midtown West: "Can't believe you guys haven't covered the Rockefeller Center Hotel - no one knows what is going on!" [uh, er, huh?—ed]
5) Downtown: "Any updates on the Starwood/W Hotel's bid for Liberty Bond financing to construct on the site of the old BT building (not the new-old-formerly BT-now-Deutsche Bank Building)? The spot is currently a pit with only the pillars of foundation remaining." [Not exactly normal Rumblings territory, but in honor of Larry's deal, here you go.—ed]