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Leave NY: 'Simply Meant to Elicit the Response, Why?'

Art blogger James Wagner draws our attention to an art show at 131 Chrystie Street: "It's a bold exhibition in a temporarily vacant store arranged by a group of enterprising artists who decided not to wait for the gallerist to show up." While its location is notable, the exhibit's manifesto is especially Curbedian in its thinking. Some excerpts:

We do not suggest that anyone stay or leave simply because an outside source dictates that one must do so to succeed. We only hope to encourage others to remind themselves why they have or have not chosen to be here, and if it is necessary to stay. ... Dismayed by a society that walks down a street without looking up, we remind you to do so before another building is replaced. The city is our love/hate affair.We leave it up to you, our dear psychogeographers, to figure out how the art installation pictured above, by Jade Townsend, fits the bill.
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· Leave New York []