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Starbucks Paranoia Grips Bleecker Street

Can a neighborhood replete with Starbucks really get worked up about another one? Oh. Hell. Yes. Let's cut to the West Village stretch of Bleecker Street where 67 people are currently waiting on line at Magnolia for this breaking report from blogger Amarula Dreams:

Apparently Starbucks is desperately scouting a space in the West Village within striking distance of the stretch of Bleecker Street between West 10th and West 11th. (The closest locations now are the ones at 72 Grove Street and 450 7th Avenue.) One site they considered was the corner of West 11th and Hudson Street, where the lease was coming up for renewal. But apparently the current tenant, Hudson Corner Cafe, reupped for an additional term. There was also a rumor that they wanted the old Hue space on the corner of Bleecker and Charles, but according to Curbed, that's going to become a Juicy Couture store. And they were considering the former Blind Tiger location, but apparently that hasn't gone through.

Friends, let's throw the ol' 'Bux a bone here. Suggestions for its new West Village home welcome in the comments or to If it's gonna happen, may as well do it up right.
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