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Tuesday Map Matters

A couple of emails have come in regarding some amusing Manhattan map tweakings:

1) "Property Shark has added the 2nd Avenue subway line to its maps." [Wha?? Weirdness at right?Ed.]
2) "The TLC just released a new map (March I think), well take a look in a taxi and note that they have Spanish Harlem starting at 86th street, not 110th st. I’m sure all these upper east siders are very pleased...I actually do live in Spanish Harlem, so welcome!"

Now that's the kind of hospitality that makes our city great, although we think the Spanish Harlem TLC borders can be traced back a lot longer than a month ago. The last update we could find was in 2002.
· Property Shark Maps [PropShark]
· Taxi & Limosine Commission Map [; warning: PDF]