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One Hanson Place Update: Site's Sorta Open Again

Looks like the hole in the cyber-fence down at One Hanson Place (aka the former Williamsburgh Savings Bank Building) is open again, for the moment at least. We're so confused: Do they want us to peek? Not want us to peek? The homepage still says "coming soon," but you can check out the unit finishes, the floorplans and pricing, the availability, etc., if you get the right address. And once you're in, you can click around to your heart's content as of this typing. Still, not all is quite ready, as the enlarged floorplan PDFs seem to be missing at the moment. Just in case this puppy crawls back into the doghouse, we've excerpted some listings from the top of the building above. If the site's to be believed, it looks like nearly all 189 units are still available.
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BONUS: NewYorkology is reporting that the upper floors of the building will be included on next month's Fort Greene Association House Tour.

UPDATE: We've been slapped like the naughty children we are: The website's been password protected once again.