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Eat this Apartment

We giveth props to Corcoran broker Greg McHale, who knows that the best way to make this $1 million+ Barrow Street one-bedroom appetizing is to make everybody who comes across it hungry as hell. To the listing we go!

Roasted Pheasant lacquered in Port Wine and Blackberry Demi-Glace? Truffled Black Trumpet Mushroom and Sweet Corn Bread Pudding? Or, simply a Double Banana Split festooned with Two Scoops of Homemade Roasted Pear Ice Cream and smothered in a Silky Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce? Let your imagination run amok in simply the largest and most intelligently appointed kitchen we've seen in a one-bedroom this side of Paris or let your caterer go wild for you.He's a man of fancy tastes, that's for sure (we prefer our ice cream unroasted). Taking a glance at the pics of the kichten, we're not blown away by the size, but it is merely a 900-square-foot one-bedroom?or rather, sleeping loft?so perhaps it is pretty cushy. Thoughts?
· Listing: 130 Barrow Street [Corcoran]