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Fish-Themed Working Title at the Battery

A fishy face like the one pictured above may be jockeying for space amid the knockoff-bag sellers and other sealife in Battery Park by next year, according to Lisa Chamberlain of Polis, who snapped a photo of the model at an event last night in honor of the planned Sea Carousel. Designed by Weisz + Yoes Studio, the ride will sport the absolute latest in state-of-the-art carousel technology, including "'smart' glass that will switch from translucent to opaque where scenes of undersea life will be projected when the carousel is in motion." Full rendering after the jump. As for the attraction's name, the Battery Conservancy site assures us: "Sea Carousel is only a working title. An experience this unique needs a name to match." Sure, you could e-mail the group directly, but why not brainstorm some ideas right here?

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