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Far West Village Downzone Update: Air for Views?

In Jane Jacobs' beloved far West Village, the fight goes on. At 161 Charles Street, just steps from Richard Meier's towering three-pack, photographer Jan Stoller is fighting to preserve the Hudson view from a penthouse atop his four-story townhouse. (Stoller's also got a carriage house out back, all snagged for $990,000 in 1992—not bad.) The culprit: an eight-story residential development planned for 163 Charles Street, one of only three projects to score a grandfather clause from last fall's West Village downzoning. Now, in classic NYC real estate fashion, it's getting really fun. Reports Michael Calderone,

"In exchange for my view, [developer Barry Leistner] wanted me to give him all of my undeveloped air rights for my building, in order for him to preserve my view," said Mr. Staller. "Well, that's actually millions of dollars' worth of air rights. The view's not worth that much."Genius. Read on for the full saga. And tell 'em Jane sent you.
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