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'i love you' Sells Out?

The above graphic, featuring our beloved "i love you" tag, graces the front page of a new development website, which is kind of odd in itself if it weren't for the really odd thing about it?the building ain't even in New York. Has i.l.y. gone national? Let's play a game and see if you can guess where this is before clicking through. We'll remove the mentions of specific locations and leave only the generic new development copy:

Second + Pine is a new retail, residential, and hotel development taking shape in downtown ______. Its location between the central retail core and the _________ Market gives this place a distinctive and lively character that will bring a new buzz to the already thriving urban scene around it. Current plans include street-level retail with a selection of exclusive and inventive boutiques and shops offering everything from high fashion to hot sauce. It will also be home to a renowned restaurant, prestigious health club, luxury spa and, and premier hotel.Hint: they have a bigger love/hate relationship with the 'Bucks than New Yorkers do.
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