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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Boring as Brick

Time for the reader follow-up to the reader-submitted Rumblings that appeared in this space on Tuesday. No takers on a bizarro hotel in Midtown West or the latest and greatest on the Deutsche Bank Building at Ground Zero, but here's the intel on the rest of the lot.

1) Soho: No firm answers on the parking lot on Crosby just north of Spring (right), but a commenter offers this: "If the parking lot is Crosby and Grand I had heard that Andre Balazs secured the site over a year ago, but was waiting for permiting, etc. before anything commenced."

2) Upper East Side TWOFER: a) "On 62nd and 2nd, in place of gristedes, is going to be another is moving its branch from 64th and 2nd. so the question becomes what is going to come into chase's space on 64th?" (So meta!) b) Regarding several suddenly empty stores: "74th and second bldgs to be torn down replaced with hi rise apt. Really gonna miss that great florist on 74th, but he's hopping to find new digs nearby." Much gnashing of teeth over this, including this report: "I walked by the E. 74th block this morning, and it doesn't look good. Lots of activity at the old Sultan restaurant, but the Persian place is still open (at least there were tables and chairs there)."
3) Chelsea: The gentleman worried about losing his million-dollar view has the new development at 611 Sixth Avenue (above, aka 100 West 18th Street) to thank. Describes a tipster, "Booooooring 10-story red brick condo. First 2 floors are retail with extra-high ceilings. Top 8 floors are residential. Retail being shopped around now to big box retailers. Don't know when they are going to market the condos." Construction already underway for completion early next year; more at WiredNY and architect Garrett Gourlay's site.

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