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Moynihan Station, Childs-Protected Once Again

Score another point for architect David Childs in his continuing quest to ensure that not a single structure gets built in NYC without his input. This afternoon, less than two months after being invited back to re-re-design the new Moynihan Station (which he originally designed, but which was then turned over to HOK, which executed the above left rendering—still with us?), the Childs-o-riffic plans were announced. Back in the mix: Childs' original skylight flourish (arrow, above) that the Observer folks refer to as the potato chip. Hot.

Meantime, what of the plan for a new Madison Square Garden behind the new Moynihan Station? Per Matthew Schuerman: "If the Garden does hop a block west, to the Ninth Avenue backside of what is presently the Farley Post Office and what will become the train station, it would almost certainly require design changes. But the agency's chief, Charles Gargano, would not touch on that, saying that he had seen no proposal."
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