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Curbed Advertecture Corps: Now With $100 Bounty!

1) It's not just 2 Columbus Circle that scored Da Vinci Code advertecture. The Roman Church is outraged over a huge advertectural advertisement for the movie adorning a church in the center of Rome (right). Bonus fun: click through for FreeRepublic commenter outrage! [Free Republic]
2) Regarding our call for a Curbed Advertecture Corps, a reader emails along this candidate for advertectural removal: "Hey, What about the billboard on the building at the corner of Macdougal and Sixth? that's been up for ever, it's also a residential building."
3) In that spirit, the most exciting advertecture news in, like, forever: Curbed is teaming up with the Municipal Art Society in an advertecture removal campaign. From the MAS blog: "Shoot what you think is the city’s most egregiously oversized, out-of-place ad and enter our photo competition. Send us a picture of a bloated sign, an illegal sign, a blot on our highways and buildings. Tell us the exact address of the ad and call 311 to report it. We will follow up with the Department of Buildings. Over the next month, we’ll post the best of the worst on our website." We'll do the same, and MAS and Curbed together will donate a $100 gift certificate to Urban Center Books to the winner. More details at MAS. [Municipal Art Society]