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Development Du Jour: Sky House Condo

Curbed readers of yore perhaps recall the non-apocryphal story of the Little Church Around the Corner (aka the Church of Transfiguration) on East 29th Street just off Fifth Avenue. In late 2004, the church struck a deal with developers to demolish the church's modern wing to help clear a block-through parcel for a 50-story residential tower. A couple months later, we spied some early glimpses of what that Tower of Power might look like.

Today, design blog extraordinaire TripleMint drops the latest bomb: fresh renderings of the tower, now dubbed the Sky House. Of the design by architects Fxfowle, 3xM notes, "Fxfowle has used a dark red brick to compliment the old structure, and while we usually don't care for brick used at this scale (its detail becomes pointless after a certain height), this seems to bring a necessary warmth to the design--mostly because they got the color right." Still, our favorite part is this, reproduced from the condo's website: "All residents at Sky House will admire charming views of the Church's street-front English Shade Garden." Uh, indeed.

After the jump, floorplan porn from the 55th floor penthouse—purchase of which includes a spiral staircase to Heaven.
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