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Golden Egg Turns Up in Brooklyn

Good news for all you folks patiently waiting for word on 99 Gold Street, the Vinegar Hill loft conversion featuring 88 Slam Bam Fun units and an indoor bball court: it's open for business! Well, not really, but The Developer's Group did send out this email:

The Developers Group Is pleased to introduce THE GOLD STANDARD IN MODERN LIVING
Desirable-Sleek-Captivating-Exquisite-Refined You have been placed on the 99 Gold Street priority list for notification of the commencement of sales. You will have the opportunity to preview the model apartments prior to the Grand Opening. To take full advantage of your priority status please be sure to fill out the form at A sales representative will contact you shortly to fill you in on all the details. We look forward to seeing you at 99 Gold.

Snarks an emailer: "An exciting offer from The Developer's Group: an opportunity to sign up?again?at the Web site, but this time for a very special list that will provide the chance to see the building!"
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