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Starchitecture Sales Report: 40s, Blue, Others

Time Out New York turns over their cover and feature well this week to the New York real estate vibe, covering everything from upstart Craigslist rivals to mortgage tips. For Curbed loyalists, one of the more interesting stories is the rundown of new starchitecture projects, all of which we've mentioned in this space before except for 31-33 Vestry Street (right), a development apparently born of black leather and '80s-techno-inpired architecture firms. So why is this noteworthy if we've talked up all these buildings before? Simple. Updated sales reports, dooooodz!

1) Herzog and De Meuron’s 40 Bond: Status unclear. Schrager's nabbed the penthouse, duh. Done in a year.
2) Enrique Norten’s One York Tribeca: 30% sold. Completion set for summer 2007.
3) Jean Nouvel’s 40 Mercer: 33 of 40 sold. Done in the fall.
4) Santiago Calatrava’s 80 South Street: Ummm, try back next year.
5) Philip Johnson’s Urban Glass House: 65% sold. Will be finished in July. Hustle, realtors! [BONUS: More on the UGH in the Post today.]
6) Bernard Tschumi’s BLUE: "More than 70% sold." Plaguing the sky this December.

And the Sculpture for Living wept, as it realized it was now officially washed up.
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80 South St

80 South Street, Manhattan, NY 10038