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Friday Flotsam: Sunny Side Up

Four reader emails that we couldn't quite find a home for elsewhere, yet couldn't stand to let slip away into the ether, either, as the week draws to a close...

1) "I waited on line last night for almost one hour and 45 minutes to get into the opening party of The Queens Plaza. I took a photo of the line from my camera phone (above). Aside from the fact that it took me all of 5 minutes to get there from my midtown office, (one stop from grand central and 5 steps from the subway) the building was great. I cannot wait for this building to be completed; if you get a chance check it out!" [The tip reads a bit, um, flacky to us—and that ain't a cameraphone pic—but hey, a line for a new development is a line for a new development, right?]
2) "The former Knickerbocker Hotel on the corner of 42nd and Times Square has been sold by Sitt Asset Management earlier this week to a Saudi buyer for $320M. Please keep my name anonymous." [Done!—ed]

3) "Reporting anonymously from inside the belly of the beast [everyone's doing it!—ed]: amidst rumors of financial improprieties on the part of key Clarendon Management employees, the halls of London Terrace Gardens are buzzing with the news that a major management sweep is scheduled to take hold May 1. Some say the top layer of Clarendon Management is out the door as the result of missing and unaccounted for funds. The related and more significant speculation is that the 950+ rental units that comprise London Terrace Gardens may finally be going the way of all pre-war brick and mortar: CO-OP!!! Any news out there??"
4) "I don't know if you can use this but this is the service and quality I've come to expect from Fresh Direct. This one took the cake: pre-scrambled eggs! (above)."