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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Rumor of the Day: TJ's in Brooklyn? (28 comments)
"We here in Los Angeles home of Trader Joes call it 'TRADERS'. The company tend to build new Traders in up and coming areas before the areas so called take off....FYI"
2) Brownstone(r) Pain in Carroll Gardens (27 comments)
"i love it and can't believe how may prissy, conservative nostalgists are out hanging out on blogs like brownstoner insisting that no one touch a brick on these precious buildings..."
3) Jane Jacobs, 1916-2006 (23 comments)
"It cannot be a coincidence that this news arrives on the same day as the news that starbucks will be moving into the west village, the neighborhood she loved so well and called the perfect urban neighborhood."
4) Ask Shvo Hints at Foray Into Lucrative Cosmetics Business (21 comments)
"I don't work for Mr. Shvo but I am a big admirer of him and what this great man has done for the city. He's the most influential person since the Donald to have a major impact on the NYC Real Estate landscape! The Barbara Corcoran's and Dolly Lenz's pale in conmparison to Mr. Shvo's achievements (20 Pine, Bryant Park)!"