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More Moynihan: 'That's a Pretty Big, Big Building'

More on the plans for the new Moynihan Station. Blogger GrubbyKid pens a phenomenal post that offers side-by-side comparisons of the different Penn Station designs with gobs of analysis. For instance, he digs up a schematic for the commercial/residential tower proposed for the northeast corner of Eighth Avenue and 34th Street adjacent to One Penn Plaza (above), noting, "So that's a pretty big, big building. At a conservative 12'-0" per floor, that's around 58 floors (real floors, not developer floors). If SOM can cut the floor-to-floor distance like they were able to at 7 World Trade, then I'm sure they can squeeze an extra 5-8 floors of rentable space (in Midtown, no less)." Must-read.
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