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Isaiah, the Most Loved Man in New York

If you're not blind, you've probably noticed the "I (heart) You Isaiah" stickers stuck on scaffolding and lampposts city-wide. At first we thought it was an East Village phenomenon, but reports have been coming in from all over, including an email today from up on 110th and Lexington. Now, we have no idea what it means, but the cool kids at the Fader blog recently tried to tackle the sticker topic, so we'll just repeat their hypothesis:

This being the Rotten Apple and all we're guessing that the sticker is (A) a tongue-in-cheek middle finger up to Knicks GM Isaiah Thomas, cursing him for assembling a group of undersized point guards with personality disorders, an under-developed center with a heart condition and a coach who thinks the way to get through to grown men is to act like a combination of your whiney Aunt Esther and Woody Allen (except not funny) or (B) a non-native New Yorker honestly thanking Thomas for doing the same or (C) a vocal fan of the slept on Bible page-turner Book of Isaiah. Office consensus? All of the above (hey, it worked on the SATs!)So there you have it. Clear as day.
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