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Little Protest as Mets, Hispanic Society Plan Moves

The Times' City Section highlighted two projects yesterday that are notable for the dearth of complaints they seem to be attracting:

1) Shea II (rendering above): While the Yankees are contending with a lot of community opposition to their new home in the Bronx, the Mets' project in Flushing has been quietly chugging along, with construction set to begin in a few months on the project that "features a clear tip of the hat to Brooklyn's late beloved Ebbets Field in its exterior brick facade."
· Home, Sweet Homer: The New Mets Stadium [NYT]

2) Hispanic Society of America: More than a decade ago, comments by the director of this little-known and little-visited free museum had the neighbors protesting in the streets ("they actually chased [Theodore] Beardsley across Audubon Terrace."). What about today, as the institution at 155th Street in Washington Heights scouts downtown locations for a new home? Not so much.
· An Institution Departs With a Shrug, Not a Sigh [NYT]