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BoCoCa Ladder #1: Less Than $500k

[This week, we're taking our three-packs to Brooklyn, where we'll climb the price ladder in the neighborhoods of Boerum HIll, Cobble Hill, and Carroll Gardens. Today, we begin with apartments priced under $500,000.]

1) What/Where: 1BR+, 389 Union Street (Smith & Hoyt)
Asking: $450k
The Skinny: Top-floor brownstone floor-through. Like all good CG apartments, it's a 1+, with a crazy little room off the bedroom. The refrigerator is hanging out in the living room, which may or may not be your style, depending on your boundary issues. 800sqft.
· Listing: 389 Union Street [Elliman]

2) What/Where: 1BR, Congress St. (Clinton & Henry)
Asking: $450k
The Skinny: First-floor corner apartment. "It's even spacious enough for a couple!" says the listing. Hear that kids? Leave your single bed behind. Also, check the big-time light from the "neighboring low-lying and quiet gardens." Low-lying gardens! This is some fancy nabe. 750sqft.
· Listing: Congress Street [Corcoran]

3) What/Where: 1BR duplex, Amity St. (Clinton & Henry)
Asking: $475k
The Skinny: We head one block north for this "unique, youthful design." We're totally sure what the that means, but it probably has something to do with those stairs. Lots of scenic overlooks here -- from the bedroom, you can peer down on the living room; from the the balcony, you can see as far as the common terrace. Contract signed.
· Listing: 146 Amity St. [Halstead]

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