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It Happened One Weekend: Sleepovers Back in Style?

1) We haven't used the term "bubble" in a while, but this just seems like a blast from the past: a 23-year-old slept in the lobby of 113 South 2nd Street in Williamsburg to snag a one-bedroom condo in the new development (right). And Extell will soon stop picking up the transfer taxes on units in their Ariel compound. And by the way, you know Williamsburg has changed when a rich 23-year-old named Stephenson Brown is sleeping out to live on South 2nd Street. [Dakota Smith/NYPost]
2) On the etymology of Greenwood Heights: "We were trying to come up with a marketing edge for what was this no-man's-land. Something with pizzazz. It still took a couple of years for it to stick." [NYPost]
3) This is The Hunt to end all Hunts. The dude was living large, and then his life basically bottomed out while waiting two years for the renovation to be complete on his Fort Greene brownstone. He got divorced and wound up in a sublet he found off Craigslist with three other guys. And the happy ending (he finally gets his brownstone) turns out to not even be that happy. Jeez, everyone should buy this guy a beer. [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]
4) The number of demolition filings have risen sharply, but many are just building renovations being carried through to evict rent-stabilized tenants. Nasty legal fights to follow. [NYTimes]
5) Writer gets through entire story on hot chandelier market (even tossing in a Philippe Starck) without once mentioning the Chandelier of Insanity. [NYPost]
6) "When Denise Spatafora gave birth to her two children — Savannah, now 5, and Orion, now almost 3 — in the hot tub on the deck of her house in southern Vermont, she never expected she would raise them anyplace else." Yo, Habitats column ... TMI, dude. [Dan Shaw/Habitats]