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Rumblings & Bumblings: Not Another Duane Reade?

[Actual questions posed by actual readers below. If you know the answer, or have some sweet digital pics detailing the action, send 'em to drop a note in the comments below. Answers sanitized for your protection on Thursday.]

1) Upper East Side: A reader inquires about a 1/2 block of empty space on 2nd Ave. between 93rd and 94th: "Has anyone heard what might be moving into this space? There used to be a MaryAnn's restaurant, a framing store, and a couple of other small shops there. I hope the new resident is not another Duane Reade or a bank!"
2) Flatiron: "You have any idea what's going on at 33 E 28th Street in the Flatiron neighborhood? I saw someone posted a while ago that it was being converted to condos. I live in the area and I've seen a lot of working going on there, including the other day when there was a big shipment of bathtubs. Curious for any details price, layouts, availability, etc..."
3) Washington Heights: "it looks like there’s a new building going up on wadsworth terrace at 188th st (next to the very sketch park and on one hell of an incline). any info?"