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Three Tribeca Tidbits: Development Angst Edition

1) Does this proposed new eight-story condo development near the South Street Seaport at the corner of Dover and Front Streets fit the neighborhood? Or, as the Tribeca Trib puts it, "Can reddish wood tiles on the facade really represent brick? Can aluminum panels stand in for columns? And on another topic, are those balconies really necessary?" The Landmarks Preservation Committee will decide this month. [Tribeca Trib]
2) Regarding new development TribecaSpace at Church and Murray, a tipster writes, "The website for these condos is live now (just pix: a sauna!!! and sounds) and links up with the Corcoran site. No listings or pricing yet, but they returned my phone call and want to set up an appointment to tell me how much of my money I should be willing to part with to buy some tribecaspace. More after my viewing." []
3) The developer pushing the upzoning of northern Tribeca to build 160-foot towers says he's open to negotiation: "But the people who live here live here as a result of change, they don't live here as a result of things remaining the same. Is it change and then we draw the line and stop change?" N.B. Actual unretouched quote! [Downtown Express]