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More Tales of Luxury Condos from LIC

When the Arris Lofts brought the million-dollar one-bedroom condo to Long Island City (reminiscent of 70 Washington in DUMBO, no?), we all got in a tizzy. But folks who also want in on this luxury LIC thing can look just next door for a cheaper deal. Corcoran is also marketing a new construction at 44-27 Purves Street, and the available listings average $511/sqft. Arris, on the other hand, is going for $675/sqft. And to show just how new Corcoran is in the Long Island City game, the development?perhaps because there is no Queens section of the Corcoran new development page?is listed as being in Greenpoint.

So why the big price difference? Well, 44-27 Purves Street doesn't have a catchy name (yet), and there's no "wet rooms" or token mentions of Barney's on its website. Plus, longtime disgruntled LIC residents will probably call you a "Purve" whenever you step foot in a local establishment. Still, we'll take it.
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