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Glass Is The New Brick

Business Week is not exactly a celebrated bastion of architectural criticism, but this week's issue manages to provide two nice features that we enjoyed. First up is a somewhat lofty essay by New Yorker architecture critic Paul Goldberger examining the proliferation of new glass residential buildings in New York:

By and large, however, New Yorkers were much more likely to work in glass towers than to live in them. No more. In fact, I suspect there are now plenty of people for whom the opposite is true: they live in new glass buildings in Soho or Tribeca and work in old converted industrial buildings. Glass has become the new brick. You see it everywhere, and not just in small highly touted and precious examples of starchitect marketing. Then BW gives us an insider's look at 165 Charles St. with some spectacular photos (like the one rendering above) of the building in its minimalist glory. The photos, taken during the recent "Design + Architecture" exhibit, help to remind why the building was so hyped up in the first place.
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