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Amber Valletta's Architect Assumes You're Blind, Stupid

We always know that when a tip comes in via BlackBerry, it's going to be fun (N.B. Starbucks mania was launched, for us anyway, through a BlackBerry'd tip from a cab on its way to JFK). Today's bit of thumbed-in tomfoolery takes aim at model/actress Amber Valletta and her overnight construction habits, as well as her architect's attempt at trickery:

Will someone please PLEASE please tell Amber Valetta that we don't renovate townhouses 24 hours a day?? For the last week her workers at 385 Bleecker have been working until 2 and even 3 in the morning. I thought it was bad enough that they flat out lied at the community board meeting recently about the terrible white railing on their roof. (When asked how that railing could be so close to the edge of the roof, the architect said " oh that railing isn't really there, we had photoshopped it into the picture". Uh, do you think we are all IN photoshop? Cuz I see it plain as day.

Say it with us now: Served! Served! Served!