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Broker Blogwrap: Second Ave. Subway Mania

1) With an assist from blogger The Oil Drum, UrbanDigs offers a thorough update on the Second Avenue Subway. Scroll to the bottom for updates from a community meeting this past Monday, including this: "The 72nd Street station will be very deep... Entrances on 69th and 72nd. One of them will occupy where Patsy's Pizza is now. They are going to have to tear down a building on the NE corner of 72nd street for ventillation." Construction ostensibly starts in 2009. [UrbanDigs]
2) How much hype surrounds Long Island City development Arris Lofts? Says broker Thomas Demsker, "Just got my parents to buy something at the Arris Lofts, and boy was that a solid investment." [Upper Crust NYC]
3) Not quite sure what to make of this, but worth noting: MightyDigs is a new "open source" listings site that encourages brokers to submit apartment listings, which are then blogged so users can comment on them. (N.B. herewith, a ban on the use of the word "digs" as part of a real estate URL.) [MightyDigs]