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Welcome to Central Harlem, or Thereabouts

Speaking of Harlem, our old friend Bagel in Harlem has been hosting a debate over the past two days about—wait for it—neighborhood nomenclature. The debate began by questioning why an Elliman broker assigned a Central Harlem listing (right) an East Harlem tag. A sample from Bagel's reader comments:

· Although I technically live in East Harlem (according to map), countless residents here remind me that my location is really Central Harlem; that East Harlem describes an area further east (east of Lexington) and that Spanish Harlem is considerably further south (100-115th Street) and east (First Ave - Third Ave)... · No, the best and most bizarre was an appraiser who documented my friend's co-op on 124th & Mad as "Morningside Heights." Um, yeah, okay.

· What about EHA, WEHA, CEHA and SPAHA, then we know harlem has really arrived.

· Or better, HEFI (Harlem East of Fifth) and WEFI (West of Fifth). Can't think of anything for South and North, though. :-)

· Vague Territory [Bagel in Harlem]