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Avery Getting a New Riverside Friend: Rushmore

Since we're having a Wes Anderson kind of day, we can't resist mentioning Rushmore, the latest trick out of tireless developer Extell's goody bag, to be located over in ex-Trump land along Riverside Boulevard in the West 60s. The new condo building "presumably will have an 80 Riverside Boulevard address since it is one block south of [recent Seal concert venue] Avery at 100 Riverside Boulevard," sez CityRealty.

Rushmore (or the Rushmore, if you like) will be a little pricier than its friend, with one- to five-bedroom units from about $1 million to over $6 million. How high the thing will go is still a mystery, but it'll have "twin towers atop a seven-story base" and sport a design by Costas Kondylis, whose architect-ing can already be seen up river in Trump Place. Among the amenities at Rushmore will be the services of "Abigail Michaels lifestyle managers," which we hear is like having a personal assistant, but without as much potential for close-at-hand ego inflation.

As for this "Quest" magazine where some of the above info was advertised, we're going to go ahead and assume it wasn't this one. Maybe we're just not the demographic; if you are, please enlighten us.
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