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Sneaking Into One Hanson Place

We could just tell you that we found a backdoor entry into the One Hanson Place (née Williamsburgh Savings Bank) website that yielded oodles of pictures and floorplans, but that would deprive you of this awesome email we got from a Curbed reader. Received at 5:54 a.m.:

Oh dear curbed. I have stayed up all night again, zombie-eyed looking at real estate. is there no hope? well, there is -- check it out!

typing random url extensions finally pays off, and I have found pictures fucking galore of my future home in the sky. words cannot express my joy. oh, one hanson place. you are like nitrous fresh from the tank.

oh the language! " Coq au Vin prepared on your Viking range? Or would you prefer perfectly chilled wine from your stainless steel refrigerator?"

yes, yes, one hanson place. I want them both! i want their flavors to comingle amid my ceramic fillings and orthodonture.

We knew our "Free Ambien After 10th Tip" rewards program would work out! And if you click on over and check out the floorplans, the prices are all there, too. Studios for $342,000, going up to penthouses for $2.5 and $3 million. Hooray for insomnia!
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· Magic Johnson Closes on Giant Brooklyn Tower [Curbed] UPDATE: A Curbed reader emails, "You can't get the floorplans of one hanson place as of 1:31pm. They've added a layer of password security."