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Curbed BuildingSpotter Answers: For Sale on CPW

So what did we learn yesterday? It ain't easy to hide a five-story, $15 million townhouse on Central Park West. No. 249, on the south side of West 85th Street, dates back to 1887-88 and has 20 rooms, 13-foot coffered ceilings, and?count 'em?"27 breath-taking delicate Tiffany era stained glass windows." (We like how they throw in "era" there just to see if you're paying attention.) Breath-taking floor plan after the jump, but first ...

Some said this house reminded them of some buildings in Harlem, like the one from the Royal Tenenbaums, which is actually up at 144th and Convent. Too bad you probably won't get the seller to charge you a Hamilton Heights price, although another commenter claims this place was a mere $11 mil a few years ago. (It's hard to tell from the city records.) Our favorite suggestion, however, comes from wise ol' "socrates," who writes "if you could buy this house and the two next door, you could have the closest thing to the next 15 cpw that there could be." We'll get the Zeckendorf brothers on that pronto.

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