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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Make Way for the T

[Thoughts regarding Tuesday's reader questions below. More questions, answers, and sweet digital pics detailing the action to drop a note in the comments below.]

1) Upper East Side: Regarding 1/2 block of empty space on 2nd Ave. between 93rd and 94th, there was much discussion about whether a pharmacy, bank, or Taco Bell would be most appropriate, given the current density of each in the nabe. Strong sentiment for a Citibank. But wait, there's this: "I attended the Community Board meeting last night about the Second Avenue Subway [aka, the T line]. I think that spot and the spot directly across from it are going to become the southern entry points for the "96th Street Station" on the new line. Contruction begins in 40 months!" More here.
2) Flatiron: No news on the space at 33 E 28th Street, only this correction from noted Flatiron expert, BA: "The Flatiron District does not go up to 28th St. It is between 14th & 23rd and between 5 & 6th at the most conservative or between Broadway/Park and 6th at the most extreme." Hot topic.
3) Washington Heights: Alas, all quiet on the northern front. No news on the doings at Wadsworth Terrace at 188th.