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Deja Vu On Bleecker Street

We've got a nasty case of deja vu after reading this article from The Villager about how Bleecker Steet is going upscale. As you would expect, plenty of obligatory quotes about Sex and the City, Magnolia Bakery, Marc Jacobs and rising rents:

But TV’s discovery of Bleecker St. may have been one of the biggest factors. After Sarah Jessica Parker ate a creamy retro cupcake on “Sex and the City” at a beloved local landmark, The Magnolia Bakery, the tour buses began circling. The lines outside the tiny bakery swelled into queues stretching around the corner. Soon, upscale clothing retailer Marc Jacobs, salivating over the youthful crowds, rented a shop right across the street. “Our goal was to take advantage of the huge concentration of young people who flooded into the area, especially with the ‘Sex and the City’ show,” said Debbie Lee, a Marc Jacobs assistant manager. Um...didn't we just cover this last week?
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