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Prime Views of the Pit: 7WTC Amenity?

This view of the Pit from pretty high up inside 7 World Trade Center may not make the promotional materials for Larry Silverstein's new tower-of-but-a-few-tenants, but for our money, the angle is pretty good for progress-peeping (note the twin tower outlines). The above photo comes via Tropolism, where Chad Smith ruminates on his recent visit to 7WTC for an awards ceremony in honor of the revamped plaza at 55 Water St.

The building's empty floorplates are evocative of a future New York: floor-to-ceiling glass, wraparound skylines, and a sense of solitude. Being in such a large commercial structure, pristine yet devoid of any occupation, was quieting.Click through for more visual rhapsodies on said emptiness as well as the word "evil" on the word zipper.
· Tropolism Buildings: 7WTC [Tropolism]