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Curbed Readers Comment

1) Curbed Roundtable: State 'o the Market (42 comments)
"Tell me one thing that I still don't quite understand - it looks like the market for 1br condos in Manhattan did not really cool. I don't see prices going down at all. Am I right? Is it only cooling for luxury apartments prices above 1.5-2mil?"
2) Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Make Way for the T (36 comments)
"i dont think its so much about the walking the extra blocks, as the fact that the 4,5,6 trains are the most used trains in the city. they carry 40% of all subway riders were day. that's pretty astounding."
3) BREAKING: Blue Is, Uh, Blue (34 comments)
"Blue residents with south/western exposure - watch everything in your apartment, from paintings on the wall to couches, fade in no time flat, when you realize there is nothing blocking the sun pouring in through your window."
4) Toll Brothers Battle Plan Update: Renderings Revealed (27 comments)
"I am the first to be suspicious of Troll Bros., but these designs are handsome. There is still room for the Classic NYC Rendering vs. Reality Bait and Switch, but I like these designs."