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Random Rumors Wrap: Coney Island Luxe

In which reader emails of rumorlicious nature are reprinted in free, unfettered form. Know more, or got something to say yourself? Do drop us a line:

1) Upper West Side: "hearing that the renters in 140,160 & 180 Riverisde Blvd are livid that their rents are being jacked up substantially. $300-600 per month was mentioned. Can you guys investigagte what's going on. Thought these were rent stabilized buildings."

2) "The developers who bought our block have been engaged in illegal and unsafe building practices over the last year. The Department of Building never seems to catch them in the act. Last week two bundles of 2x4's fell from the fourth floor (right) onto a pedestrian sidewalk below. I caught the second occurrence on video. At the time there was no building permit listed for this site. Could you help us get these developers to act within the confines of the law before someone gets killed?" [More context on the site in question at Brownstoner]
3) Coney Island: "Today I saw, for the first time, a sign advertising 'luxury office space.' It was on Coney Island Avenue near Avenue X in Brooklyn. Just thought you might want to know."