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184 Kent Update: Death Floating on the Breeze

Any blowout parties during these last pre-renovation days of 184 Kent this weekend? If so, word hasn't made its way to our inbox yet (for shame!). But nouveau blogger Gowanus Lounge stopped by the site, reporting, "Hard to say exactly what's going on at 184 Kent, but the hearse parked outside yesterday was too good a photo op to pass up... This might not have escaped the security guard who strolled up the street past me while I was shooting photos or the Hasidic gentleman who drove up to me, rolled down his window and said, 'You need help?' (The nervous landlord?)"
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BONUS: True to its name, Gowanus Lounge also has a good update on Boymelgreen's Gowanus Village development. Plus: new neighborhood name suggestions!
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